Red wine paper thoughts

Here I lay,
Alone in my bed,
With slowly,
The voices,
In my mind,
To speak with,
With a glass of wine,
In my hand,
I try to for see,
What tomorrow,
Might be,
But can one ever,
Have a future,
As they live,
In the past,
I miss you,
All of the things,
We could have been,
I am going to miss you,
Here I lay,
Alone in an empty bed,
Where is the beauty,
In dispair I ask myself,
As I take another sip,
Of the wine,
As red as my thoughts,
Bleeding out on paper,
I am feeling,
As a crumbled sky scraper,
Can one ever,
Call the moment,
It is all over,
Cause I sure can not,
Pin point when this,
Will ever occur,
When I will no longer,
Lay broken on my pillow,
With eyes tormented,
Hearts shattered,
And bottles that drip,
As my tears fall alongside,
The blankets warm,
My cold dead soul,
Who could have ever known,
That I felt so much,
As I read another tumblr quote,
Reminding me of you,
Who would have ever,
Been able to tell me in advance,
That I would become so,
Desperate waiting,
For someone to save me,
When whole my life,
I had already learned,
You have to pick yourself up,
I just never thought,
You left me do it alone,
This time,

How can I find, what I can't even imagine?

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