Monday, May 18, 2015

Heart shaped box of paradoxes

He said,
He wanted to,
Figure me out,
Understand me,
Puzzle me,
As he kept on,
Asking questions,
Trying to get answers,
I am sure,
He only got more questions,
Cause that the effect,
I have on people,
I am a heart shaped box,
Filled with paradoxes,
I am way too deep,
Yet too pale as well,
I am excuisetly timide,
In the loudest way,
I never give a care,
On the opinion of another,
Yet when they dare,
To share with me,
I will care it trough the night...
A box with paradoxes,
If I ever even was,
A box at all.

Rarely do I ever have a thought by itself.
I am a heart shaped box with paradoxes.

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