Fall for me

No longer in a treadmill love,
I ask myself,
What will I do next,
Never had I gotten,
So many spare time before,
No more revolving over conversations,
No longer thinking about what you think,
I am Wondering what to do,
With the time I now save on you,
Maybe I'll go dancing,
I always wanted to try that,
Or paint, or read,
Something that keeps me,
On my feet,
I've been swepped away enough,
I can't even say,
Wheter I had any say in at all,
Now that I have gotten,
Every choice to myself,
I have decided to,
Fall in love with myself before,
I start to look once again for more...
I'm going to fall for someone special,
Love her with my whole heart,
I will love myself,
Every single part.

I will explore in order to find myself, and fall head over heels, for me.

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