Think a little less...

As I was floating above the crowd,
I was only wondering,
What you where thinking about,
I had absolutely no idea,
But I could see, that the freedom you claimed,
To have found lately,
was definitely not so free,
As you once used to be,
I thought of asking you,
But you shut inside yourself,
Even before I tried,
Although darling we all see,
When you cry, 
We all see that you,
Are not yourself lately,
You are no longer the girl,
You once where,
And the thing is,
You don't miss him,
You don't miss us or home,
You miss someone so well known,
Darling, darling, the alarm bells ring,
Cause I think you begin,
To miss yourself. 

Oh honey, think a little less, live a little more...

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