Before you reply.

Before you reply,
Think of the reasons why,
And why not,
Cause darling,
I've loved before,
I've been broken before,
I'll tell you this,
Girls like me,
We're not easy,
You don't get my love,
For free,
But once you get,
To all of that,
Better watch out,
Not to think it's,
All you ever dreamed about,
Even the light,
Gets black some days,
Even an artist,
Sometimes fades,
Even colour,
Sometimes shifts,
When energy drifts,
When you no longer recognize me,
Would you still wanne be,
With this girl here?
Think a second,
About that my dear,
Before you reply.

You said you wanted to know me,
Are you sure?
Cause: first of all, you don't even know me,
And second of all, you don't even know me...

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