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Monday, July 27, 2015


Broken down,
By the beating,
Of this drum,
I can hear,
The screams around,
The crushing sound,
Of a world,
Breaking down,
Into pieces,
I cut my hand,
Trying to piece,
It all back together,
In order,
To get her back,
Broken down,
By the beating,
Of this drum,
I can hear,
Our song,
Playing on the radio,
Broken down,
By the beating,
Of this drum...

the beating of this drum, makes my heart,

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My name...

Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
When you are alone,
When your home,
Sitting silent still,
In your chair,
When you think,
You no longer care,
If you dare,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name...
Cause honestly,
Darling I don't believe,
That you can,
Say my name,
Without feeling,
What we once shared,
Without asking,
Yourself why?
Without remenicing,
To the thing,
That broke us up,
Go ahead,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Now that you,
Have forgotten hers,
Now that your standing,
Besides me,
When your calling out,
For me,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
If you want to be with me,
Won't you,
Say my name,
Say my name...

Remember this, remember when,
You said my name, my name, my name. 

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Crap a diem.

I can't ease my mind,
Somehow I can not find,
The peace I used to place,
In the restless part,
Of my pounding heart,
I can not put the pieces,
Back together,
I can't even try,
All of last year,
I made a mosaic,
From the shattered pieces,
Of my heart and glue,
Just one look from you,
And my creation,
Fell apart once again,
I can not resist,
Even when I know,
Nothing ever happens,
Nothing could ever,
Change the way,
We took,
Different directions...
I can't ease my mind,
Somehow I can not find,
The peace that I used to place,
In between the pieces of my broken heart.

I know it's crap, but it's my crap. 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Think a little less...

As I was floating above the crowd,
I was only wondering,
What you where thinking about,
I had absolutely no idea,
But I could see, that the freedom you claimed,
To have found lately,
was definitely not so free,
As you once used to be,
I thought of asking you,
But you shut inside yourself,
Even before I tried,
Although darling we all see,
When you cry, 
We all see that you,
Are not yourself lately,
You are no longer the girl,
You once where,
And the thing is,
You don't miss him,
You don't miss us or home,
You miss someone so well known,
Darling, darling, the alarm bells ring,
Cause I think you begin,
To miss yourself. 

Oh honey, think a little less, live a little more...

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World of hurt.

May 4th,
Lest we forget,
But forgetting so it seems,
Comes closer everyday,
It's just two minutes away,
Less then a generation left,
Before the survivors of war,
Will be gone by far,
There will be no life's,
To tell,
About the five year hell,
Raging through our land,
Unable to understand,
How these things come to term,
If they ever can,
I don't think I've ever,
Thought of the words...
"World of hurt",
As a world of hurt before,
But it was,
A war that kept,
Each and everyone here,
On this world my dear,
Living in a...
World of hurt.
May 4th,
Lest we forget.

May 4th its a world of hurt. 

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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Last evening,
I couldn't start believing,
That just for a moment,
In the blink of an eye,
Maybe less,
I forgot about you,
I had truly, honestly,
Forgotten about you,
No worries on my mind,
No stuggles within to find,
The demons where fought of,
My heart was fine,
Even now your not mine.
Last evening,
I couldn't start believing,
That just for a moment,
My heart,
Was no longer broken.

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The notebook.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Playing in back,
I can remember,
Me promising him,
I'd be there forever,
I'd stay.

Playing it back,
I can remember,
you promising me,
You'd be there forever,
You'd stay.

Yet in the way,
I left him,
You left me,
Just to be,

Now here we are,
At this place,
Where he'll be asking,
And I am wondering,
I can hear him and myself,
The both of us,
Promising that we'll stay,
We'll be each others stayers,
When the screams in my head,
Keep on yelling,
Darling who 'r betting on?
Who'll be the first to say goodbye?

Stay, stay, stay, until you no longer may.

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Holding mine.

Over over a year ago,
That a long time,
But not nearly enough,
To make me forget,
That I am not supposed to,
Light up, to laugh,
Whenever I see your pretty face,
I can not watch over,
When you walk with that grace,
I am to be bound,
Only by the haunt,
Of the memories you left,
When you went and get gone,
With my heart,
Your master theft,
Now I am in my room,
Alone and dark at 2 A.M,
Asking, wondering, re-playing,
What you would be saying,
Us dancing in the rain,
Singing don't stop this train,
You and I,
Stopping for a snack,
Down that street at the mac,
The drinks and the movies,
The winks and the grooves,
All these summer nights,
Now are my biggest frights,
I am so scared to fall,
For someone the same way,
I fell for you,
Cause darling, 
I can not handle another broken heart...

I pretend your hand is holding mine, all the time.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


At first I always dreamed,
Dreamed so big,
That it terrified all around me,
Because of the fright,
They told me,
I would never make it,
Not even fake it,
Cause dreams are not reality,
They are not what we live in,
But don't they also say,
Live and let live,
Why not dream and let dream?
I was so heart broken,
By the shattering of my dreams,
Until one day,
I tried,
No efford till midnight,
No sweat and tears,
No blood and time turned to,
Just one lose try...
And it worked,
it worked again and again,
I always dreamed,
To have my name,
In black and white on a book,
I got one,
Then I got tree,
Now I dream of shelf full,
And there is no one who will be able,
To get my head out of these clouds,
I'm a cloudwalker,
Always have always will be.

Dream with heart and soul.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

To do

D-day is to come soon,
I'm patrified,
Scared and surly,
Too unprepaired,
But tell me now,
What is a girl to do,
When she is,
In love with you?
Why are you,
Making this,
So hard on me,
When honestly,
There is nothing,
For me in this,
Only the miss,
Of what might have been,
And what almost was,
What once could,
But took a pass,
What is a broken hearted girl to do,
When she is still,
So in love with you...

You can't have it both ways...

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The rain fell out of the sky,
As I walked along a forest road,
The green leave where hanging,
At the same time brown one's laid,
It was a strange idea,
Yet so real at the same time,
That this might be,
The nature's idea,
Of reincarnation,
Of life after death,
of looking after our loved ones,
For the brown leaves,
They're the antsistors of the green one's,
They're looking up to them,
Seeing them bloom and grow,
While they lost their life, their colours,
They will form a blanked for when,
Their brothers and sisters,
Will fall down as well,
Making sure, the fall is to be broken,
When they are layered up on,
By the leaves they made room for,
They give birth to,
Then the worms compost the leaves,
Making new energy from lost energy,
Turning them into growing food,
For the threes and plants they once,
Thrived and shined on,
Making their way back,
To where they come from,
Where they belong,
And that's the circle of life,
Energy never gets lost.

That's the circle of life. Energy never gets lost.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stay this simple

I'll breathe it in, out,
Sit at the exact spot,
I watched you sleep,
Here so often,
So happily. 

I'll touch the places,
You've head rested,
Where you've drooled,
With a little silent snore.

I'll long for the linger,
Of you're baby shower smell,
The way you'd held me,
Under a unbreakable spell.

I'll lay as you laid,
When I put over you,
Shivering a little plaid,
I'd tucked you in.

I wacht memories pass by,
Asking myself why,
Something so strong,
Got broken.

The strings came untied,
Even though we tried,
It was never enough,
Cause you don't try,
You give it all without,
Reasons why...

So here I lay,
Wishing you'd stay,
It could stay this simple. 

I'm not much for dancing but for you I did. Cause I love your handshake,
Meeting my father, I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets,
How you kiss me when I was, In the middle of saying something...- TS

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Not over myself

Last night, Lonely,
I was thinking,
Reminiscing memories,
Looking over souvenir's,
You know,
How far you'll have to reach,
In order to get,
Where you've been dreaming of,
Is not half as far,
Nor any more of the effort,
You've put into where you came from,
I was holding onto,
My favourite anthem,
It's a picture of you and I,
Our hands tangled up,
I looked so lovely into your eyes,
Smiled as if the world where at peace,
I could've sworn you where,
My heaven on earth...
I never gave you the photo,
Cause I knew,
Then you would fall in love,
With me even more,
Then you where before,
And I came to understand,
That I will never be over you,
For you have never broken my heart,
I broke my own heart,
When I left you there,
Acting like I did not care,
Oh but how I did,
I broke my own heart,
And I'm so not over me,
I don't know if I can get over myself,
But I'm halfway there,
Could anyone admit,
That they are just not ready for a love,
While at the same time I'd give,
Anything and everything,
To have you falling back to my feet,
Cause all I wished for is you,
But it shouldn't be like this,
Even tough this is all I want,
Not like this,
Never like this,
Not when your heart is on the line...
It's all I ever wanted,
More then I can handle,
Yet not enough...

She was the kind of girl, who searched for things, that could
never be found...

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wait for me

In the sound of you're voice last night,
I heard there was this shiver,
The doubt in the words you spoke,
I suddenly realised all these things,
That used to make no sense in my head,

You won't look in my eyes, for you might fall in love,
You don't touch me, for you might feel something beautiful,
You can not find the power to leave her behind,
So it's hard when in wishes upon stars it is me you find,
All because you want me to wait for you...
You want me to wait for you,
This world just keeps spinning,
And more and more you lose and they're winning,
When you want me to wait for you...

When you dance with me without touch,
So close yet no eyes to hold on to, to follow,
Was it all you wanted to do?
When we walked along to our bikes,
When they left us all alone in the dark night,
As you did not return home before dawn,
Did you did it all on purpose?
Where you making the decision not to wait?

Babe don't look in my eyes, I don't want to fall in love,
Do not touch me, I don't want to feel what you might do,
I can not find the power, to fight for you in this hour,
It's so hard to love with a heart that's been broken,
But I wish you would wait for me to heal,
I want you to wait for me...
This world that keeps on turning,
It seems that I am always the fool,
No that you keep on leaving me for anyone,
When I want you to wait for me...
Baby wait, just wait for me...

If you where not so scared of facing this world all on you're own,
If you'd only known, that I had always loved you so,
We would be together, I could wait for you, you could wait for me,
Won't you look the other way just one more time,
Until it's the perfect time when nothing is holding us back to make you mine.

loading, new life, waiting for infinity.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

I could say

I could say,
So many things,
About me and you,
All that we've been trough,
All the memories,
Everything shared,
The good and the bad...

We could say,
So many things,
About the two of us,
Me and you,
How we come,
And how we went,
How hearts get broken,
And not bend...

I could say,
Anything I want,
But at one point in history,
You were all I wanted,
And all I thought about,
You where all I talked,
Talked, talked, talked about...

let it go

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Will you?

I love you,
Or I could better say,
I loved you.

It's all gone now,
There is nothing left,
Not even partial anything.

All that lingers,
Is just this one thought,
If I would dissapear,
Would you look for me?

If I got lost along this life,
If I got lost in this crowded world,
Would you search for me?

Even when everything,
Has broken down,

Even when the world,
Is slowly stopping,

Even when the sea,
Is as rough as the wind,

Will you look for me?

Even after all,

Will you look for me?

will you look for me?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About that part?

I always thought that I was weak,
Weak for I've been broken so manny times,
I get hurt and bruised easily,
Yet when I fall I always rise higher then before,
Maybe being strong is about that part more,
I used to be the first to face a smile,
Force a laugh, Look the other way,
But since I refused now,
I will be the first to say,
That now I am okay....
And  you my endless haunting ghost,
You'll be the last,
To ever say,
That now you're okay...
I'll be the first...
Maybe just maybe...
Being strong is more about that part?

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

believe in love

Is it weird when you rather hear a broken hearted song then a love song?
Is it stupid to not believe in love?
Or don't have faith in it?
Because I feel like I feel this way, But I don't really know how.
The strings are there but no real attachments,
So why?
Could you answer my question?
Or do you think of something else now?
Either way, I pray that one day you'll say,
I'll prove you love is real,
For I love you,
I swear I do...

love is patient, love is kind.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I believe

I believe,
I believe,
I believe,
That I fell for you,
And you might not,
I believe,
That we can fall before we fly,
For I've been pushed down many times,
But life goes up and down,
And it's more like a circle then we think,
Every ending gives us a new start,
When all comes to an end you'll find a beginning,
I'm the one to experience the pain,
Of losing who you are,
Of being ashamed of you're soul,
But all my broken pieces got put back together,
And now that I'm whole again,
I'm more beautiful then ever,
It's never then end of me nor you,
This is not the end, It will be the beginning,
Yes I believe,
I believe,
I believe,
That you will rise and fly,
I believe in all you cant see,
And in all there is not to touch,
I believe,
I believe,
I believe...
I believe in all these possibilties you can't see...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

post-it permanently

A post-it,
That's what I need,
And one permanent marker,
That way I could,
Post-it permanently,
Stick the piece of paper,
On to the two broken pieces,
Of a once healed heart,
"Closed forever",
That it what I wish I could say,
So no one ever comes close again,
So I'm sure my heart won't shatter,
Into a million pieces more,
So that I maybe can be sure,
That in time the crack you left,
Might heal and disappear,
So that it will be my heart again,
And I can feel it beating inside my chest,
But what would it be worth?
A beating heart for no one to love?
Nor to beloved by mine...
Maybe I could better stick...
"Entrance at own risk",
or "In repair",
At those pieces you left behind...
For someone else to find...

I guess we're just not friends anymore, cause is there ever
a turning back point when you where once...

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