The rain fell out of the sky,
As I walked along a forest road,
The green leave where hanging,
At the same time brown one's laid,
It was a strange idea,
Yet so real at the same time,
That this might be,
The nature's idea,
Of reincarnation,
Of life after death,
of looking after our loved ones,
For the brown leaves,
They're the antsistors of the green one's,
They're looking up to them,
Seeing them bloom and grow,
While they lost their life, their colours,
They will form a blanked for when,
Their brothers and sisters,
Will fall down as well,
Making sure, the fall is to be broken,
When they are layered up on,
By the leaves they made room for,
They give birth to,
Then the worms compost the leaves,
Making new energy from lost energy,
Turning them into growing food,
For the threes and plants they once,
Thrived and shined on,
Making their way back,
To where they come from,
Where they belong,
And that's the circle of life,
Energy never gets lost.

That's the circle of life. Energy never gets lost.

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