Friday, March 6, 2015

Let life start

They all gave a reaction,
For a second a fraction,
I saw it there,
The care,
Suddenly I dared,
To have shared,
Something so my own,
That's becomming wel known,
I had to try,
Without any reasons why,
To go and climb up ahead,
Enough words said,
I am going higher,
Raising fire,
Nothing but laugher,
For this fire starter,
We're going up,
Together with the red cup,
The dances and kisses,
All our dreams and wishes,
They'll come true,
Like I found glue,
Sticking to my heart,
Giving it a part,
Of yours,
And now half of my heart,
Makes sure our life starts...

Don't forget to let your life start, it starts with yourself.

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