Dream a little dream

She has absolutely no idea,
How much it means to me,
That she spoke with kind tongue,
About my handwritten words,
The smile she puts on my face,
With her compliments in grace,
It is uncompaired,
To any laugh I ever laughed,
It was bolder and wiser,
More obvious and crooked,
It stained like it was hooked,
I am happier then ever before,
Now all I want is more,
More stories to write,
More stories to tell,
Opinions to be heard,
I have finally found,
Where to I belong, I'm bound,
There will be no turning,
Only learning,
Until I have seen,
My books published,
The eyes so green,
Stokes so mean,
Only then I will see,
Only then she will have an idea,
What it means to me.

Dream a dream with me and we'll wish ever day 11:11.

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