Game changer

The world was completely blacked out,
I don't even remember what I was thinking about,
The music blasted inside my ears,
I forgot that I had to breathe,
I strocked, I froze, I lost it all,
When he sat down next to me,
I could not remember what acting normal,
Even means at all,
I was wondering if he noticed,
My heart was pounding in my chest,
Cheeks turning red from just looking at him,
He smiled at me, when our hands touched,
I had no idea, that anyone could be,
So infactuated with a stranger,
A complete stranger,
No even knowing there name,
Their story or their game,
Without any knowledge then his eyes,
His looks, his sound and his smell,
I still fell,

I was playing with my neckless, when he sat down next to me,
And suddenly my whole world had changed.

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