Screen dreaming

The phone buzzed,
Screen lighted up,
As did my smile,
I had not seen it,
So bright for quiet a while,
You made me laugh,
In a way,
I craved for so long,
The phone buzzed again,
You're goofy emoticons,
They make me feel,
As if there is something,
Wishing for it to become,
A thing for real,
I don't know why,
But without any effort,
Or sense of try,
You have the ability,
To light up my world,
As you messages,
Light up my dark room,
With just two fingers,
Hitting a screen,
On the other side of town,
You save me from every torn,
You hand me roses,
Without buying flowers,
Hold me without presence,
Cherish me whilst being absent,
You kiss me without lips,
And tomorrow,
You'll be able to hold me,
Without any chains,
Cause I think,
I'm falling for you...

I have the tendency, to dream of you're name on the screen,
ever since we've ment.

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