Monday, September 29, 2014

He's one of them...

He asked me...

"Have you ever met someone,
And they would blind you with their halo?
They can shine so bright that the stars look pale?
Have you ever seen the feathers of a peacock,
You know they can not see the feathers them selfs,
Or a butterfly, She never sees her own wings,
Nor a flower can smell her own scent,
Not even a tree can taste it own apples,
They are so beautiful and will never know,
Just how much they bring to others,
They will never know what their true value is...
The saddest part is,
That there are so many people exactly alike...
Never see, what I wish they could,
Never see them selfs the way I do"

"Beautiful words" was all I replied. 

I looked at him, smiled and took his hand,
How could I tell him,
He was one of those people,
I know I had to tell him it's just this thought...
For if he knew what he was worth,
Would he still be with me...? 

He's one of them... He's all of them...

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