But if we where...

I looked you in the eye,
I almost drove insane,
For you did not look back,
They way you used to,
So frightened that I might not see you,
Might not recognize you're eyes...

It was different this time,
So much was not in place,
I am kind of confused,
For I just kept on and refused,
The facts that where staring at me...

You and me,
In every kind of way,
Things between us will never be okay,
I resent you for you're manners and words,
And you hate me for not being who you,
Hoped and thought I had to be...

And now here we are,
To see that maybe,
There is no fault in all this love,
And in all this sad movie endings,
Maybe we just...
Were not the one's for each other...

Oh but if we where...

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