Thursday, September 25, 2014

give me a chance to

So please...
2 A.M in his kitchen,
I whispered at him,
Trying to come closer to his body,
Please, please, please...?
He just pushed me away,
"Then if you and me is not what you want,
Just leave me alone then,
Stop trying to make believe we could be something,
That we would never even come close to,
Quit trying to get into my head,
Enough with the remember when I said,
If you don't want me or if you're not planning to stay,
Just go,
Or at least give me the change to..."
I stood up,
walked to the door,
Refused to look back and started to walk,
Started to walk and cry,
Dropped everything on the pavement,
When I got surprised by you...
Chasing after me,
Asking me to wait,
For one more chance,
For one last forever...

give me the chance to let it go...

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