Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Made my heart a home...

Somedays I just keep on crying and crying,
And I'll find myself never being able,
To pin point why exactly...
I just keep crying until I hear my shivering voice,

"I wanna go home..."

I never understood how come this always appears,
When I am in my own house,
The one I grew up in,
In my own room, With my bed,
The stuffed animals the pillows and all,
Everything familiar I know...
It's where I rest my bones,
The place I shut my eyes,
But I just never sight...

So why do I keep on crying out for home?
I realised sitting in my pool of tears,
That it is always like this,
Whenever I remminis,
Over you...

It's you're presence that I crave,
You came and made my heart a home,
The kind of where you long to go,
After a vacation in the snow,
You stumble into and it feels warm without heat,
You lay up you're feet,
Smell a perfect blend of old wood & cookies,
There you are big sight...

That's what my heart does when it's near you...

First it kinda makes a jump,
For it is so happy to see you,
Then it pours itself out on you're lap,
And as you hold my melted heart,
It sights for it's home...

So will now I,
One hoping to go home,
For any linger of you're presence...
Find in the streets I roam,
The one who,
Made my heart a home...

I crave you're everything...

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