They tell you never to compare yourself,
To be happy truly happy with who you are,
And I am, I really think I am,
Yet when I just now saw him,
In that magazine,
Making something that would tear,
Anyone in this world down,
I wished I did something like that as well,
But I don't, I can't do it,
I am not that strong,
I just stumble along,
With all these red and black emotions,
That for some day appear to be white,
Yet it's never as bright as sun light...
I'll just stumble along,
To the power of depression so strong...
I have no strength to fight if off,
For I am scared as wel a bitt,
Of what then would be,
I can not imagine anymore,
What is was like before,
What if I like it like this better,
I can live like this...?
What do you do...
Compared to you...

comparisons are easily done when you've had a taste of...

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