Thursday, September 11, 2014

Go and get you're wish

Have you ever heard someone say,
Wishing upon stars,
I always hear so many things like this...
And I don't understand,
How someone on this earth can depend,
On a star far away,
That cannot guaranty a wish,
They all stated that maybe,
It was a plane or car,
Instead of a wish on a star,
All I can hear is possibilities,
When they don't even see,
For maybe it was better to wish on a car or a plane,
For they take you places,
Get you where you've always wanted to been,
Or to the school where you can learn who you want te be,
Or the place to make everyone see,
That you don't need a wish,
You had a wish,
Made a plan, took a chance,
And went for it all the way,
That's what you should wish on...

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