Saturday, September 6, 2014


I'll do a long long I am the cleanest and prettiest ladies in the whole wide world shower,
I'll put on the glittery bodylotion you liked the smell of,
Brush my hair and make it strait,
Put on the skinny jeans my ass comes absolutely unresistable out,
Paint my nails in the color you liked,
Hang on the same jewelry and earrings as that day,
I'll do it all the same,
The shoes, the perfume, the toothpaste, the ribbons in my hair,
I'll do it exactly the same,
Then maybe you'll remember just like me,
And we can stop this game...
Then maybe you'll travel back in time,
Just like me,
You'll see...
Us again...
The same way I do,

I love you 24/7 like a never ending job....


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