Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't love you, I love you, You know...

He said he wanted me to say it,
He never hear me say,
That I loved him...

I looked at him,
As my eyes started to fill with tears,
I replied to him,
Oh my dear it's in every word I speak,
Don't you hear it?

It's in the littles words I tell you,
Between nose and lips,
As the "Don't you take a jacket, it could get cold.."
Or "Don't text while you're driving babe"
In the "I like that shirt on you, it colors so good..."

It in everything I do,
Saving you the last piece of cake,
Buying birthday presents even when we agreed not to,
In the way I like to stand back,
Get al little behind,
So you can walk up frond,
And I can watch you shine...

He was silent a few minutes,
As he then took my hand and said,
"We fit together under the umbrella,
You'll get a cold if you only have that hat..."

And I smiled,
Because I knew,
And he did too.

in case of love at first sight...

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