Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Won't do second heartbreaks

You came around and begged me for a dance,
Without ant thought I gave it a chance...

And oh we got the spotlight put on us,
All the talks and looks and fuss,

They had never seen a couple,
Move so exactly double,

We where a perfect fit,
Everyone had to admit,

But you left the dance floor,
Let me alone for an empty door,

Now I am a big believer in second chances,
So when you begged we took some more dances,

But that time you shot me in the heart,
When for our forth dance you did not show up for the start,

Here I am hurting,
There you go flirting,

Come around knocking on my door,
Saying it's sure you want more,

But I won't make second mistakes,
I won't do second heart breaks...

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