Friday, September 5, 2014

Where were you..?

When the heavens cracked open,
And the skies fell down,
Where were you?

When my world shivered,
And all came to an end...
Where were you?

When my heart got shattered,
Into a million broken pieces,
Where were you?

When I sufferd unbearable pain,
More scarred then ever before,
Where were you?

When I had questions,
And needed someone to hold me...
Where were you?

When I let go of myself,
And trusted you to catch me,
Where were you?

Where were you?
Have you been hiding?
Did I heard you wrong?

Where were you...
Where were you...
We could have prevented this...
You could have prevented this...
Heart break....
This all...

You could have saved me,
Where were you,

where were you

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