Friday, September 26, 2014


Just sitting there,
All alone at the station,
Waiting for nothing,
Time slowly passing,
Wishfully thinking,
I might run into you...

Just riding there,
On the bus lane,
Looking outside the window,
Letting the past go,
Hoping one day,
You'll run into me...

Just laying in bed,
Late hours thinking,
That maybe we deserved,
Another shot at this,
We could fix things,
I'll just wanne run to you...

Fall into you're arms,
Breathless kissing you,
But I am too late,
For every time I didn't,
She did...

Just dreaming,
Of you and me,
Back then,
Back to when,
We where still,
Running wild and free,
Back to you and me...

taylor swift - last kiss.
not much for dancing but for you I did.

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