Be little again...

When I was just a little girl,
All I really wanted to be,
Was a big girl...

Then as people started to refer to me,
As my little brothers big sister,
I had to be a big girl,
All I wanted to be then was,
A girl,
That's how they called al te really "big" girls...

Then when I was "that" girl,
Or when I was "her",
All I wanted to be in my teen years was,
A grown up,
To be taken seriously and all...

Now that I have grown up,
All I really wish for,
Deep deep down inside,
When I talk to god at night,
Is just one more day as little kid,
So carefree and innocent,
All I really want...
...Is to be little again...

A child is like a butterfly, let them fly...

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