Sunday, September 28, 2014

I could be like

I could be like all the other girls,
Clubbing every single night, 
Falling drunk on my bed,
Waking with my eyes baked in make-up,
But thats not something that I do...

I could be like all the other girls,
Werking out every single day,
In the gym showing my figure,
Always talking about the efford,
But the shy me the be humble wont do...

I could be like really anyone else in this world,
Just one day living their life,
And it wont suit me,
For I want to suit you and you have a difficult fit...
But I've fitted you once

So maybe when I do what I'm good at,
When I am... Myself,
You find you're way back to me,
And take me of the shelf,
This time for good.

I could be like whatever, but all I really want is a lazy weekend.
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