Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dreams come alive...

It is almost there,
The day that I hold my dream in my hand,
When all my can't turn into can's,
When my wishes turn into wished,
When I am, what I could have been,
When I become what I've always wished to seen,
I never thought that I might one day be,
What I wrote about,
That my dreams would be spoken about,
That I could hear the words out loud...
It is so strange that life's can change,
Just as fast as the weather...
I could have never imagined,
That people would like my stories,
Let along recognize them,
Or be willing to read more of them,
And now that is just something,
Like facts are facts,
It is so unreal that what uses to be so far away,
Suddenly is so in reach and close,
This unreachable daydream I've got to a hold...
My life seems to be dip dyed in gold...
The happiest girl in the world,
Is who I meet in the mirror every day now... :))

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