Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mistake I love to make...

You know that kind of feeling,
When suddenly you're breath strokes,
You're heart skips a beat,
And all you feel is this warming heat,
I had it when I laid my eyes,
On him for the first time,
He was so mysterious like an unsolved crime,
I just had to make him mine,
They told me he was trouble,
And I must agree I know he was a mistake,
But if he's a mistake,
I'd like to be wrong instead of right,
Because he might,
Just might,
Be just the kind of wrong thats exactly right...
He's the mistake I love to make...

You're the right kind of mistake, the one I love to make.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Being smart,
What does it mean?
Youve got emotional smart, knowledge smart, social smart and so on...
But what is the ultimate smart?
Ive spend the last eight months thinking bout this... 
And I've come to the conclusion,
There isn't one ultimate smartness,
Or one grand knowledge,
I think it's somehow more about the feeling, 
You can be a professor or a doctor but i no one wants you opinion... You knowledge or skills are useless!
Its more about giving someone the feeling of faith that with you they an acomplish,
Doesnt really matter what,
Maybe youre a hair dresser and they want a lauren Conrad hair style,
Or maybe youre a trachee and they come to you for learning advise,
Or anything else you can think of,
It not about youre own abilities,
That defines you as smart or as a leader,
Its about the amound of trust and faith,
You create...

Wisdom travels trough love.

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sparkling date

There I stood again last night,
Red eyes in the neon light,
Covering up with fake smiles,
Every step weighs like miles,
But then I saw you're face down there,
Somehow you had look so fair,
I just needed a share,
And I was delighted to meet you,
Yes I was enlightened to meet you,
This date was sparkling don't you go home,
This night is all I wanted to know,
All I know is this,
Don't let it go...
Don't let this go...
When I want you so...

How I look at you, when you talk to me...

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Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm the slave of my emotions...

I'm the victim of my own thoughts,
Their devistation devistates me,
I'm the slave of my emotions,
Their concern concerns me,
It takes away everything I could be,
It takes away this girl that stood in front of the shadow of me,
Now all thats left is a vage empty gray shadow to show, 
I'll stay the target of my aiming thoughts till I decide,
To stop hiding in the shadows from this world,
And to start loving living in the light...

we are all slaves to our emotions.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heart blinded...

You live heart blinded,
Like you're life is an episode blurry from being rewinded,
The details of love you're trying to refined,
I wonder if she ever remind you,
That it isn't you task to do,
You can't be in a relationship for two...

You've learned to live without this peace of mind,
For me it wasn't hard to find,
That you're wide eyed gaze so kind,
Came from living heart blind...

You always tried to be perfect,
With loving her as project,
You put yourself aside for her to neglect,
You did everything for this relationship contract,
To save her love you're one and only subject...

And now... Now...
Don't you think you should've learned somehow?
I think her try to break you asks for a disallow,
Even if they might not see it I now though,
There inside of you there is this know-how,

You've learned to live without this peace of mind,
For me it wasn't hard to find,
That you're wide eyed gaze so kind
Came from living heart blind...

But somehow one day I'm sure you'll find,
My love so sweet n' kind,
I could open you're eyes and heart,
Let the unbinding start,
Touch that one part,
That was always left behind,
When it was only you're own love you wanted to find...

I will relight the fire you have inside.

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Just because...

Just because you're honest,
Doesn't make it fair,
Doesn't mean I won't care...

Just because you're truthful,
Doesn't mean it's true,
Doesn't mean I don't feel it too...

Just because you're speaking,
Doesn't mean you've shared,
Doesn't mean I've been prepared...

Just because you said so,
Doesn't mean you can go,
Doesn't mean I won't show...

We just got lost,
Every given has cost,
Every road is blocked,
And now... you're door is locked,
Oh Oh...
Darling you're door is locked...

But just because we lost it,
Doesn't mean were lost,
Doesn't mean it cost,
Everything ever crossed,
Will stay crossed...
You're heart won't stay frost...

Just because you're honest,
Doesn't make it fair,
Doesn't mean I don't care,
Cause it was rare,
Babe we aint yet there...

We just got lost...

We where just lost....

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Define you're light

Don't be afraid of the dark,
It makes you,
Work harder,
Hold you're breath longer,
Laugh louder,
And act prouder,
Don't be afraid of what the dark takes,
For get back so much more,
Don't let the darkness you saw,
Define you're light,
Because in darkness,
Stars shine just a little more bright!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


In this life,
Is something we must,
From the beginnen we trust our parents,
We then start with family and friends,
But at last when growing older,
You have to start trust on yourself,
That you can do it on you're own,
For since you were little you've grown,
If you're wise,
Love it the trusting price,
But do you trust love enough to get love...?
In this world,
Is something you must,
So just simply trust...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


In the dark,
His eyes chasing me like a shark,
So sharp,
Following me,
Like there were something inside,
Something in me to see,
And oh my, oh my,
I got kinda shy,
For I got this thought,
That I thought for me was unthinkable,
And now it's unthinkable to forget,
What I thought I was thinking...

In the starlight,
He pulled me close,
So tight,
Holding me,
Trying to touch my heart,
He squeezes so hard,
He pulled back together,
Every broken part,
And oh my, oh my,
Without even a single try,
I surrendered myself,
Falling in love was unthinkable for me,
And now it's unthinkable to go back,
To think I could never love,
You make me rise above,
The lowest thoughts of myself I had,
You're making me forget...

His eyes looking in,
Inside of me,
Like there was more to me,
Like these was something to see,
Something worthy for you...
Yet there was only me...
So I smiled,
And you laughed,
Because you knew...

The choices we make...

The choices we make...
They define us,
That's what one of the wisdom speakers said.
It made me think, does it?
Maybe it does, sometimes,
But does it always?
For I can't see this little girl inside of me,
Hurting anyone,
They yet why do I hurt all trying to get close to me?
Why don't I let love come close,
Why don't I give it a chance?
Is this little girl scared or only unprepared?
For I would never walk away,
Yet I'm frightened not to have the chance...
How come?
Teel me lord how come?
I'm so haunted by fear...
Whenever my love is near,
Near my heart or near the start,
To let my heart beat...
I don't want to give my defeat,
For my hearts insecurity,
Is the key to breaking me...
So if my choice defines me to run away,
Will you still choose to define you're promise to stay?


Something I always dreamed off,
But never dared to,
I never dared to take it,
To break them,
To shake this world,
To make sure guild will haunt them,
For the rest of their lives,
Till their already long six feet under,
Till their deader than dead,
While still breathing mouth to head,
Their spirit drowning,
They all apologische surrounding,
But no one to forgive,
No one to comfort their nothing,
And I'll be rising above,
When lowering myself to their level,
But I'm promising myself to never lose,
The one thing that makes me different from them,
The difference between me and him,
I learned how to swim...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Circle of life...

My mom taught me the circle of life,
Circles never end,
But somehow when I was younger I couldn't understand,
So she told stories and hold my hand...

She made sure that I had a room for my own,
A cradle, clothes, everything I needed,
She was there when I took my first breath,
When my heart was beating for the first time,
When I said my first words,
When I took my first steps,
She was always there,
Whenever I look behind,
I'm happy to see it will always be her face that I find...

When my mom got older,
I told her...
I made sure that she had a room for her own,
A bed, clothes, everything she needs,
Then as time passes,
I stood by her as she took her last breath,
I stood by her when her heart beats for the last time,
I always was there,
Because of how she used to care,
Because whenever I looked behind,
It was always her face I wanted to find...

I'll figured see would have wanted the same,
She shared my blood my name,
Now I'll share the glory of her life's story,
Now as things came to an end,
I finally understand,
The circle of life...
Is more about the road than the arrive...
And that's the circle of life...

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

You can start over every day...

I wish I could say I don't think black and white,
I wish I could say I don't just assume darkness and light,
To be things fitting together,
To be things belonging forever,
Because somehow they do,
Because it's the same for me as you,
We all stumble trough choosing our way,
In every choice we make every single day,
Some of us think you only get born once,
Some of us think you only live once,
But I on the other hand think...
You can be brand new every day,
It never to late to become who you wanted to be,
To change you vision in order to see what you want to see,
You can travel down life in any sort of way...
As long as at the end of the day,
You can always say,
In this conquest,
You have nothing more to request,
You lived to the fullest, to you're very best!

I want to get to know myself,
I want to travel,
I want to wander.

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Dearest friend

I had a talk last night,
Under the street lantern light,
With a friend I can call my own,
Someone so well known,
We talked trough,
All these things and the peruse,
Of these that make us valeu,
Everything in life,
From just a simple go home drive,
With her I can laugh and I can cry,
She's there whether fall our fly,
Whether sparkling eyes or a cry,
She's one of those,
You'll always have to hold close,
The golden friends you don't want to loose,
The one's you always choose,
You wear their memories like tattoos,
Her sweet face, her smiling grace,
The warmth of her embrace,
Friends like this indeed are all you need,
It's the key to make you're happiness succeed,
Thanks for being my best friend,
May this friendship never end...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

road less traveled by...

When I was just ten,
As a little girl then,
I choose for it all,
I choose for the fall,
Because I heard,
You shouldn't break a heart,
But sometimes you need,
To take controle, Take the lead,
Fall before you can fly,
And without wondering why,
I gave it a try,
I took the road less traveled by,
Now I'm almost grown,
I the only one who's known,
To never quite,
I'd rader take a hit,
I'd rather take a blow,
I'll let my scars show,
I let the bruises heal,
Because that life, That real,
And all that's matters is staying true,
It gave me you,
I'll never look back bleu,
Cause it made me stronger,
It made me hold my breath longer,
It made me wait,
It made me believe in faith,
It brought me you,
And there is nothing I wouldn't do,
If it gives me you...

tried to take the road less traveled by...

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You suck at being friends...

Now after all we been trough as you keep mentioning,
And now after all we shared,
And after all that was there between us and somewhere still is,
Finally I had the courage to speak up,
And you as "just a friend" couldn't even reply?
I didn't looked anymore when I pressed send,
I just closed my phone so I don't know if you tried,
If you tried to typ anything of just left it there,
But I don't really care,
I asked you for an answer black and white,
I guess I have it now,
Don't I...?!

P.S. You suck at being just a friend, Were not friends,
Were strangers that share loving memories,
Two people that used to know each other well,
Now I can't even recognize you,
I don't even wanna be you friend...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

both of us

We met on the fun fair,
Again after that first night,
In the simmering summer light,

We stood looking across the room,
Looking at each other smiling,
Like a bride and groom,

You walked towards me,
And in just a flash so easy,
I fell in love,

You smiled and took my hand,
You introduced yourself to all my friends,
For you already knew,

We went doing peeing competitions,
We become a talk so repetitious,
Drowning in not knowing,

No stings attached,
That was what it was ment to be,
But soon we came to see,

That neither one of us,
Was made for that kind of love thus,
For some strange reason we never tried,

We just figured we would come untied,
By holding us together,
So we just stranded at whatever,

Now you're here,
In the middle of the night my dear,
Saying never say never...

Everytime I think of you, I think of the fun fair.

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Broken inside of you...

What was it,
That they broke inside of you?
That made you go trough hell and back,
That made you're heart so black..?

What was it,
That she broke inside of you?
Send you of running,
Send you traveling down empty roads...?

What was it,
That he broke inside of you?
Got you thinking,
Got you rock bottom sinking...?

What was it,
That I made whole inside of you?
That got you back you pride, you're ego, you're self esteem?
Did I tape back together all the parts that used to be parted?
Did I make you're healing get started?
Then tell me how could you be so cruel?
How could I be the one you out rule?
All you are is just one little scared boy...

What was it,
That this world broke inside of you?
You're as lost as anyone could be?
Don't you see that together it would be,
So much more easy...
To fight away all of you're demons,
To scare off the dragon..?

childhood memories...

I've got this childhood memorie,
So sweet,
Like the sweetest of all,
I would just go lay down on the ground,
On this little white blanked wrapping myself in it,
And just lay there waiting for as long as it took my dad,
I could already hear his car pulling up at the driveway,
And then his footsteps,
And the door opening,
And before I did anything...
He would kneel to the ground,
He would kiss me on the forehead,
And then my day would be entirely good,
Because I was snow-white and I'm marrying my daddy,
Gosh how great is that,
Me living in this perfect world,
And you know what, it's good to keep you're kids little,
Save them some innocence,
For one day they need the magic from fairytales they used to hear,
To keep the faith...
Because wen you grow up you'll realise,
That even fairytales fail,
Our little fairytales always made me believe,
That magic is something you must make,
By yourself and you're surroundings.

Cause we are only princesses when we are sitting at our daddy's lap,
3 years old but ruling your whole world,
When all in simple.

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Perfectly perfect stranger

I met a perfect stranger today,
He doesnt even know my name,
Im in love his eyes,
The way he ties his shoes,
The shirt and jeans light skinny bleus...

I met a perfect stranger today,
The sun on his hair,
His barely growing little beard,
His hand so close almost touching mine,
And he doesnt even see me,
He doesnt meet my eyes at any time...

I met a perfect stranger today,
He doesn't even knows my name,
His laugh his caugh,
Its all like the sounds of a miracle,
He has eyes in which you get lost,
And when I looked in those,
Im guessing I kinda did...

I met a perfect strange today,
He doesn't know my name,
He's never met my eyes,
He doesn't know I exicist,
He'll stays a perfect stranger...
A perfectly perfect stranger...

We would make a great pair.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

just a talk

It's cold air to breathe,
And somehow I can't figure it out,
I don't know,
I need advice from a friend,
Yet all I want is you,
Just a talk...
Or maybe a little walk,

Just so suddenly 68 days passed us by,
And I don't why,
Before we fought you choose to run,
Before even just one single try,
You left without leaving a note saying goodbye,
So tonight,
You could call,
You could run to me,
Make it all allright,
But you're missing it tonight,
You're missing you chance,
To chance what could've been,
To make what should've been...
You're missing it...

It's cold truth to handel,
And somehow...
I don't know,
I just want you're familiar face to show,
I need a friend,
But all I want is you,
So don't worry,
Sit down,
It's just a talk...
Don't miss it...

Just a talk that's all I need.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

One day, Someday, That day...

Someday I'll be big enough,
Someday I'm gonna be though,
Someday my edges will be a little less sharp,
Someday I'll come out of this bubble wrap,
Someday I might try,
Someday I'm gonna stop cry,
Someday you can't hit me no more,
Someday I'l find another best friend... sorry bathroom floor,
Someday I'll fly,
Someday I'll find the reasons why,
Someday I will understand what it's all about,
That someday I'll scream it out...

Someday I'll find the road back home.
-- Geraldton, AUS.

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I can't sleep

You made it unable to sleep,
You made me unable to wheep,
Even when I'm counting sheep,
I'm still wide awake,
I can't sleep...

I can't sleep,
You keep me awake,
All those nights,
All those late hours,
Because for the first time,
The first time in my life,
Reality is so much better...

Better then my dream,
Better then the unseen,
I can't sleep,
For you're all I need,
You're all I want,
And all I wish for,
You're the air that I breathe...

I love you even,
When you're sleeping next to me,
Which makes it impossible to sleep,
Because I need to stay awake,
To see that pretty face of yours,
I love to see you dream...

I'll just sit there in my pyjama's gazing at
you're dreaming face...

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what if it does work out...?

I don't know why,
Why I don't try,
You forced the choice on me,
But somehow I can't be,
What you want me to be,
And I know I said,
I would do everything,
To be you're anything,
But I'm just to scared,
I never dared,
Because the scary thing is,
Not when you don't text back,
Not when you tell me it's over,
Or when you say it never excited at all,
The most terrifying thing is,
What if it does?
What if it does work out...?

What if all your dreams came true?

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The night

Don't come morning light,
Stop shining so bright,
Don't wake my eyes,
They don't want to behold,
The misty morning cold,
I want to stay,
In this night forever,
Never let it go,
I want to hang on to it,
Stay in the night,
Stay in the dream,
Stay in our seen unseen,
Laying so close to you,
Feeling you breathe,
You're body next to mine,
Nothing else I need,
I'm perfectly fine,
As long as this night stays forever mine...

May this night stay forever mine...

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best day of my life

I have seen the worlds most beautiful city's, I met perfect strangers, 
And I've lived treacherous moments...
& After all every day spend with you, Stay the best days of my life..

I might not always show,
You're the best thing that's ever happend to me,
You've given my life direction,
I have seen the worlds most beautiful city's, I met perfect strangers, 
And I've lived treacherous moments...

And sometimes I not even let you always now,
But I never want you to go...

Can't you see?

I was as lost as anyone could be,
And you still saw something in me...

My heart affection,Even if it was just for a fraction,
You're still my satisfaction... 

& After all every day spend with you, Stay the best day of my life..

Something always brings me back to you,
Cause all the days spend with you,
Are the best of my life...

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My only one

I'd like to believe that there are people in this world ment to be together,
Always drawn to each other,
And waiting to be found,
But when I believe this it also means,
That maybe,
You and me,
We are both waiting,
Waiting for each other to make a move,
To ask te question,
To walk in the others life and change it for the better,
Witch is quite a difficult matter,
Because I'm waiting here,
And you're waiting there,
But were nowhere near,
Each other near the one waiting for,
And if we both wait until were ready,
Ready to make a move or a choice or a stand,
We can wait till the end,
We can wait forever,
Because we will never be ready,
If one of us doesn't save the other,
Oh sweet holy mother,
Tell me what to do,
Am I ready for love,
Am I ready for faith,
Am I ready for my once-in-a-life?
I guess I should,
Start the way I would,
Want you to start if you could,
I'll just be the bigger one,
If you're gonne be my only one...

My only love...

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Couldn't I just text?

I keep making texts on my phone,
but I just stay feeling alone,
I never really send,
It's just cause I can't,
I don't know what to say...
By the way...
That's how I would start,
When I would stand up to my part,
But I'm just so scared,
What if it wasn't enough all we shared,
What if you're still unprepared?
I keep on rereading texts on my phone,
i should delete them make them go gone,
But it makes me feel less alone...
In a strange way,
It makes me feel okay...
By the way...

Do you ever want to text someone but just backspaced it all?

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So I'll just...

We're both smiling,
Like nothings wrong,
Up until the moment,
That they play our song,
Our eyes meet,
Instantly secrets are exposed,
These others seem vage,
With blurry eyes,
Apparently were surrounded,
By pale people...

But I still remember,
You caring me trough the night,
Holding my hands,
And dancing round silly,
How you make me laugh,
Whenever she's here,
And how you're the best,
Anyone could wish...

So I'll just fill up a bath,
Poor in a glass of red wine,
Put on records,
Reminding me of you,

Cause I still remember,
The look of you're place,
The way that you smile,
When you meet my face,
How you don't know a cigarets taste,
Not a day I don't think,
Of these precious memories...

So I'll just...
Fill up a bath,
Pour in a glass of red wine,
Put on records reminding me of you,
Till I meet you one day out of my dreams... 

So I'll just...

I was lost inside this love, wondering what I was supposed to be,
I don't know what I think or feel,
So I'll just...

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Stay stay stay stay stay

Im pretty sure we broke up,
Our last night,
Our last kiss,
Our last talk...

Im pretty sure we made up,
Our fist fight,
Our fist yell,
Our fist break...

Im pretty sure weve been trough it all,
The rising and the fall,
So I think what way,
And nomatter what I say,
That we should stay, 
Stay, stay, stay, stay,
Either way we should stay....

we should stay, stay, stay...

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Say something

Say something before I'm walking out,
Say something that all what it's about...
Say something or at least just shout,

Do something before I'll go,
Do something just let it show,
Do something please just do something now...

Say something I'm giving up on us,
Say something I'm still waiting for thus,
Say something I'm still Hoping for us...

Say something,
Say something,
Say something for I'm giving up...

Say something I'm giving up on you.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014


What was it that she broke inside of you?
Build pieces of a heart with glue,
The soul that lays shattered,
Yet nothing mattered,
When I met you...

Blurred and vage lines,
Whenever crossed I'd pay the fines,
Wouldn't you please tell me the truth,
Of our starving lovers youth,
When I meet you...

Was is it about us?
Love never satisfied?
The thin treat kept us tied,
How did got unraveled..?!

All we've got left to say somehow
After months passed us by,
Both wondering why,
Is just...
Ill hope you found it now,
I hope you'll find it somehow...

We accept the love we think we deserve.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The outside

Im trying so hard,
Not to leak,
Not to start,
Not to speak,
Certain Things are ment,
To stay unspoken,
Not to be broken,
Or to be bend,
Im losing my head,
By accepting words,
That arent said,
Like a wissele of a group of birds,
I speak the unspoken,
My soul is open,
Im easy to read,
Witch makes my heart easy to bleed,
I tried to get inside,
I swallowed my pride,
But the silence is too loud,
I need to leave the crowd,
I'd rather be on the outside,
Than hide my inside for the inside inside...

I am so fearful for them to see the inside of my inside.

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I hope you find it somehow

Out of reach,
Im left without speech,
I must confess,
Each time we meet you make me speechless,
You said,
If at some point you remember,
Instead of forget,
After that one december,
What is in you're head,
Just send me a chat...
I wish it was as easy as that,
But boys get,
And girls give,
And boys forget,
And girls forgive,
And I'm not ready or steady,
To live,
With someone who has that much to forgive,
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
If you ever asked me, I would've told,
But the conversations stayed so bold,
Always about you,
You we're in all the things we did,
In everything I do,
A part of you is hid...
I'm leaving this behind,
Just as I go,
I hope you find,
What you want now,
A peaceful mind,
I hope you find it... Somehow...

I think to much and feel too little, but I still hope,
You'll find it somehow.

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Amsterdamned windows

We were supposed to go to the biggest city,
Now were only left with pity,
Nobody ever seems to worry,
I'm left with my own self-sorry...

Night time,
Nothing close to mine,
Put on you lipstick,
Wrapped in Marrocan red,
Lay yourself down in a strange position,
In the most dirty bed,
A life sadder then sad,
Ready for the after transition...

We were supposed to go to the capitol,
Now I'm standing a window dress doll,
I'm becoming a girl without pride,
A late night, no white kind of bride,
No pride no pride,
For this late night kinda bride...

We were supposed to go to Amsterdam,
In stead of getting amstedamned...

The amsterdam windows...

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Hotel life

You live a hotel life
Livin stone instead of home
White stainless walls
Colder than a gallary
How low could you sink
Faster then a brink
No on here to save you
All alone in this war world
You act heighet then the empire State
Yet nobody with hom you relate
Youre locked outside
With youre so called drunkin pride
Youre a nobody
Getting nowhere
With nothing to wear
No one's the Same
Youre youth sweetheart gets the blame
For youre life of shame
Life of shame
Its too cold tonight 
On the outside
So frightend 
For this live unlightend
It too cold 
Too cold 
This hotel life

the cold hotel life...

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

once was more then a someone

I'm losing my mind,
Trying to find,
A reason to stay,
Or a reason to go away,
I'm unable to choose,
Feeling like either way I lose,
Tell me what you need,
And I'll be the feed,
Tell me what you want,
And I'll make it grand,
Don't search the waters for what you wish,
I'm allready you're one and only fish,
I'm you're catch,
I'm you're match,
Please let me be the only one,
Not a lover that once was more then a someone...
Don't leave me to be gone

Was any of it ever real? Was I ever really something?
Was I once more then a "someone"?

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Friday, January 3, 2014

You said

He said
That you said
That were almost a couple
That you are almost my lover
That I wantend to stay under cover

I said
That you said
That you weren't ready yet
That you need to find yourself
That you want to reach top shelf

She said
That you said
That I am the one
That you want me more
That you wanted me for sure

I get all the blame
I get all the shame
And you
You get the fame
For being that guy
That made me shy

Are you satisfied?
Leaving me with this fight
Unable to be fought
Were getting repetitious
This hope is delicious
This love is precious

I say
That I feel
That you are the only
That only one who holds me
Without any chains
And that all that needs to be said
No more if I only had...

you are my favourite what if.

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Am I ready for love?

The scariest thing about love,
Isn't the falling,
It isn't the falling at all,
To me the scariest thing is,
Finding someone who catches,
What if someone saves me,
Save every pieces of me,
And loves me for all I am,
What if it works out,
That the scariest part for...
What should I do then?
Am I ready for love?
I don't feel like meeting someone
Someone Send from above,
Im not ready,
Not even close,
But someday I will,
And when the dat comes,
I can only hope,
You're still waiting for me with that catchy rope.

Loading a love life....

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What if...

You told me I was you're what if,
What made me wonder if... You're what if is the same as mine.., 
For me it means that if I had one wish on a star,
I would wish for you, me and infinity,
What if you could love me as I love you,
What if you would dream about me like I dream of you...
And what if my what if would come true,
And I would be waking up each morning next to you...

A dream is a wish your heart makes

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Ice Ice Cold..

You said later,
Like a dictator,
An uncreative creator,
As an translator,
Pretending to be a traitor,
Of you're own emotions,
You've got no notions,
Or cure potions,
Only placebo lotions,
How can you be so empty?
Can't you see?
You're losing me,
When you make a stray,
Down to my way,
You're never gonna stay,
So just stay the hell away...
My feelings for you I sold,
For a hand full of gold,
A part of me you never new,
Is ice cold...
Ice cold...
Ice cold...

You are as cold as ice... Ice ice cold...

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Worlds biggest matter

Traffic in the big city,
I look at it with pity,
They all just try to keep moving ahead,
It's kinda sad,
Somewhere down the road they forget,
What really weighs,
Isn't the miles or the speed,
Isn't who's in lead,
But who was a collaborator on every single one of the ways,
Sometimes you have to take a step back,
Think of when it used to be black,
Walk down a road with a little crack,
In order to get stronger,
To be able to travel longer,
In order to get an own mind,
To be not thinking black & white yet only colorblind,
In order to understand what you find,
To become what you are destined to be,
Is to see what wants to be seen,
Stop thinking in "me",
Start thinking in "we",
Because maybe, Just maybe,
Living gracefully together,
Could be the worlds biggest matter...

Living gracefully together is the worlds biggest matter.

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