Dearest friend

I had a talk last night,
Under the street lantern light,
With a friend I can call my own,
Someone so well known,
We talked trough,
All these things and the peruse,
Of these that make us valeu,
Everything in life,
From just a simple go home drive,
With her I can laugh and I can cry,
She's there whether fall our fly,
Whether sparkling eyes or a cry,
She's one of those,
You'll always have to hold close,
The golden friends you don't want to loose,
The one's you always choose,
You wear their memories like tattoos,
Her sweet face, her smiling grace,
The warmth of her embrace,
Friends like this indeed are all you need,
It's the key to make you're happiness succeed,
Thanks for being my best friend,
May this friendship never end...

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