Monday, January 20, 2014

Circle of life...

My mom taught me the circle of life,
Circles never end,
But somehow when I was younger I couldn't understand,
So she told stories and hold my hand...

She made sure that I had a room for my own,
A cradle, clothes, everything I needed,
She was there when I took my first breath,
When my heart was beating for the first time,
When I said my first words,
When I took my first steps,
She was always there,
Whenever I look behind,
I'm happy to see it will always be her face that I find...

When my mom got older,
I told her...
I made sure that she had a room for her own,
A bed, clothes, everything she needs,
Then as time passes,
I stood by her as she took her last breath,
I stood by her when her heart beats for the last time,
I always was there,
Because of how she used to care,
Because whenever I looked behind,
It was always her face I wanted to find...

I'll figured see would have wanted the same,
She shared my blood my name,
Now I'll share the glory of her life's story,
Now as things came to an end,
I finally understand,
The circle of life...
Is more about the road than the arrive...
And that's the circle of life...

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