Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Broken inside of you...

What was it,
That they broke inside of you?
That made you go trough hell and back,
That made you're heart so black..?

What was it,
That she broke inside of you?
Send you of running,
Send you traveling down empty roads...?

What was it,
That he broke inside of you?
Got you thinking,
Got you rock bottom sinking...?

What was it,
That I made whole inside of you?
That got you back you pride, you're ego, you're self esteem?
Did I tape back together all the parts that used to be parted?
Did I make you're healing get started?
Then tell me how could you be so cruel?
How could I be the one you out rule?
All you are is just one little scared boy...

What was it,
That this world broke inside of you?
You're as lost as anyone could be?
Don't you see that together it would be,
So much more easy...
To fight away all of you're demons,
To scare off the dragon..?

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