The choices we make...

The choices we make...
They define us,
That's what one of the wisdom speakers said.
It made me think, does it?
Maybe it does, sometimes,
But does it always?
For I can't see this little girl inside of me,
Hurting anyone,
They yet why do I hurt all trying to get close to me?
Why don't I let love come close,
Why don't I give it a chance?
Is this little girl scared or only unprepared?
For I would never walk away,
Yet I'm frightened not to have the chance...
How come?
Teel me lord how come?
I'm so haunted by fear...
Whenever my love is near,
Near my heart or near the start,
To let my heart beat...
I don't want to give my defeat,
For my hearts insecurity,
Is the key to breaking me...
So if my choice defines me to run away,
Will you still choose to define you're promise to stay?


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