childhood memories...

I've got this childhood memorie,
So sweet,
Like the sweetest of all,
I would just go lay down on the ground,
On this little white blanked wrapping myself in it,
And just lay there waiting for as long as it took my dad,
I could already hear his car pulling up at the driveway,
And then his footsteps,
And the door opening,
And before I did anything...
He would kneel to the ground,
He would kiss me on the forehead,
And then my day would be entirely good,
Because I was snow-white and I'm marrying my daddy,
Gosh how great is that,
Me living in this perfect world,
And you know what, it's good to keep you're kids little,
Save them some innocence,
For one day they need the magic from fairytales they used to hear,
To keep the faith...
Because wen you grow up you'll realise,
That even fairytales fail,
Our little fairytales always made me believe,
That magic is something you must make,
By yourself and you're surroundings.

Cause we are only princesses when we are sitting at our daddy's lap,
3 years old but ruling your whole world,
When all in simple.

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