Wednesday, January 22, 2014


In the dark,
His eyes chasing me like a shark,
So sharp,
Following me,
Like there were something inside,
Something in me to see,
And oh my, oh my,
I got kinda shy,
For I got this thought,
That I thought for me was unthinkable,
And now it's unthinkable to forget,
What I thought I was thinking...

In the starlight,
He pulled me close,
So tight,
Holding me,
Trying to touch my heart,
He squeezes so hard,
He pulled back together,
Every broken part,
And oh my, oh my,
Without even a single try,
I surrendered myself,
Falling in love was unthinkable for me,
And now it's unthinkable to go back,
To think I could never love,
You make me rise above,
The lowest thoughts of myself I had,
You're making me forget...

His eyes looking in,
Inside of me,
Like there was more to me,
Like these was something to see,
Something worthy for you...
Yet there was only me...
So I smiled,
And you laughed,
Because you knew...

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