both of us

We met on the fun fair,
Again after that first night,
In the simmering summer light,

We stood looking across the room,
Looking at each other smiling,
Like a bride and groom,

You walked towards me,
And in just a flash so easy,
I fell in love,

You smiled and took my hand,
You introduced yourself to all my friends,
For you already knew,

We went doing peeing competitions,
We become a talk so repetitious,
Drowning in not knowing,

No stings attached,
That was what it was ment to be,
But soon we came to see,

That neither one of us,
Was made for that kind of love thus,
For some strange reason we never tried,

We just figured we would come untied,
By holding us together,
So we just stranded at whatever,

Now you're here,
In the middle of the night my dear,
Saying never say never...

Everytime I think of you, I think of the fun fair.

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