Being smart,
What does it mean?
Youve got emotional smart, knowledge smart, social smart and so on...
But what is the ultimate smart?
Ive spend the last eight months thinking bout this... 
And I've come to the conclusion,
There isn't one ultimate smartness,
Or one grand knowledge,
I think it's somehow more about the feeling, 
You can be a professor or a doctor but i no one wants you opinion... You knowledge or skills are useless!
Its more about giving someone the feeling of faith that with you they an acomplish,
Doesnt really matter what,
Maybe youre a hair dresser and they want a lauren Conrad hair style,
Or maybe youre a trachee and they come to you for learning advise,
Or anything else you can think of,
It not about youre own abilities,
That defines you as smart or as a leader,
Its about the amound of trust and faith,
You create...

Wisdom travels trough love.

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