Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perfectly perfect stranger

I met a perfect stranger today,
He doesnt even know my name,
Im in love his eyes,
The way he ties his shoes,
The shirt and jeans light skinny bleus...

I met a perfect stranger today,
The sun on his hair,
His barely growing little beard,
His hand so close almost touching mine,
And he doesnt even see me,
He doesnt meet my eyes at any time...

I met a perfect stranger today,
He doesn't even knows my name,
His laugh his caugh,
Its all like the sounds of a miracle,
He has eyes in which you get lost,
And when I looked in those,
Im guessing I kinda did...

I met a perfect strange today,
He doesn't know my name,
He's never met my eyes,
He doesn't know I exicist,
He'll stays a perfect stranger...
A perfectly perfect stranger...

We would make a great pair.

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