Friday, January 3, 2014

You said

He said
That you said
That were almost a couple
That you are almost my lover
That I wantend to stay under cover

I said
That you said
That you weren't ready yet
That you need to find yourself
That you want to reach top shelf

She said
That you said
That I am the one
That you want me more
That you wanted me for sure

I get all the blame
I get all the shame
And you
You get the fame
For being that guy
That made me shy

Are you satisfied?
Leaving me with this fight
Unable to be fought
Were getting repetitious
This hope is delicious
This love is precious

I say
That I feel
That you are the only
That only one who holds me
Without any chains
And that all that needs to be said
No more if I only had...

you are my favourite what if.

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