Sunday, January 12, 2014

So I'll just...

We're both smiling,
Like nothings wrong,
Up until the moment,
That they play our song,
Our eyes meet,
Instantly secrets are exposed,
These others seem vage,
With blurry eyes,
Apparently were surrounded,
By pale people...

But I still remember,
You caring me trough the night,
Holding my hands,
And dancing round silly,
How you make me laugh,
Whenever she's here,
And how you're the best,
Anyone could wish...

So I'll just fill up a bath,
Poor in a glass of red wine,
Put on records,
Reminding me of you,

Cause I still remember,
The look of you're place,
The way that you smile,
When you meet my face,
How you don't know a cigarets taste,
Not a day I don't think,
Of these precious memories...

So I'll just...
Fill up a bath,
Pour in a glass of red wine,
Put on records reminding me of you,
Till I meet you one day out of my dreams... 

So I'll just...

I was lost inside this love, wondering what I was supposed to be,
I don't know what I think or feel,
So I'll just...

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