Thursday, January 16, 2014

road less traveled by...

When I was just ten,
As a little girl then,
I choose for it all,
I choose for the fall,
Because I heard,
You shouldn't break a heart,
But sometimes you need,
To take controle, Take the lead,
Fall before you can fly,
And without wondering why,
I gave it a try,
I took the road less traveled by,
Now I'm almost grown,
I the only one who's known,
To never quite,
I'd rader take a hit,
I'd rather take a blow,
I'll let my scars show,
I let the bruises heal,
Because that life, That real,
And all that's matters is staying true,
It gave me you,
I'll never look back bleu,
Cause it made me stronger,
It made me hold my breath longer,
It made me wait,
It made me believe in faith,
It brought me you,
And there is nothing I wouldn't do,
If it gives me you...

tried to take the road less traveled by...

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