Sunday, January 12, 2014

My only one

I'd like to believe that there are people in this world ment to be together,
Always drawn to each other,
And waiting to be found,
But when I believe this it also means,
That maybe,
You and me,
We are both waiting,
Waiting for each other to make a move,
To ask te question,
To walk in the others life and change it for the better,
Witch is quite a difficult matter,
Because I'm waiting here,
And you're waiting there,
But were nowhere near,
Each other near the one waiting for,
And if we both wait until were ready,
Ready to make a move or a choice or a stand,
We can wait till the end,
We can wait forever,
Because we will never be ready,
If one of us doesn't save the other,
Oh sweet holy mother,
Tell me what to do,
Am I ready for love,
Am I ready for faith,
Am I ready for my once-in-a-life?
I guess I should,
Start the way I would,
Want you to start if you could,
I'll just be the bigger one,
If you're gonne be my only one...

My only love...

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