Worlds biggest matter

Traffic in the big city,
I look at it with pity,
They all just try to keep moving ahead,
It's kinda sad,
Somewhere down the road they forget,
What really weighs,
Isn't the miles or the speed,
Isn't who's in lead,
But who was a collaborator on every single one of the ways,
Sometimes you have to take a step back,
Think of when it used to be black,
Walk down a road with a little crack,
In order to get stronger,
To be able to travel longer,
In order to get an own mind,
To be not thinking black & white yet only colorblind,
In order to understand what you find,
To become what you are destined to be,
Is to see what wants to be seen,
Stop thinking in "me",
Start thinking in "we",
Because maybe, Just maybe,
Living gracefully together,
Could be the worlds biggest matter...

Living gracefully together is the worlds biggest matter.

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