just a talk

It's cold air to breathe,
And somehow I can't figure it out,
I don't know,
I need advice from a friend,
Yet all I want is you,
Just a talk...
Or maybe a little walk,

Just so suddenly 68 days passed us by,
And I don't why,
Before we fought you choose to run,
Before even just one single try,
You left without leaving a note saying goodbye,
So tonight,
You could call,
You could run to me,
Make it all allright,
But you're missing it tonight,
You're missing you chance,
To chance what could've been,
To make what should've been...
You're missing it...

It's cold truth to handel,
And somehow...
I don't know,
I just want you're familiar face to show,
I need a friend,
But all I want is you,
So don't worry,
Sit down,
It's just a talk...
Don't miss it...

Just a talk that's all I need.

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