Sunday, March 27, 2016

"De zonnewering... Obviously"

De zonnewering,
Stopt de strak blauwe lucht,
Die straalt,
Als bijtend zuur,
Wanneer het door een kier,
Naar binnen gluurt.

De lamellen,
Stoppen de rellen,
Van de storm vallende regendruppels,

Ze geven het geluid door,
Als in koor,
Terwijl er gehuiverd wordt in bed,
Nog een sigaret,
Sokken toch maar weer aan,
Wijn van 2,31 die naar limoen smaakt,
Staakt tegen de lege ziel,
Wanneer zij niet beviel,
Onder het beschrijven van de reflectie,
In het raam.

De zonnewering,
Houd al het buitense buiten,
Maar al het begin binnenin,
Geen visualisatie van deze transformatie,
Te herkennen,
Niets ontdekt,
Tekens van leven,
Als die van een cactus,
Nooit gegeven, weinig gekregen,
Toch overleven.

De lamellen,
Laten de signalen op de iPhone,
Doorkomen zonder te schroomen,
Komen de tringen en de bellen,
Was het dan toch al 7 dagen en nachten,
Dat ze hier lag te vervellen?

De lagen dekens vallen af,
Kou vat als een straf,
De naakte ziel vast.

Was haar enigste kleding,
Voor de 282 uren vertikt,
Waarop ze het vertikte,
In het keurslijf te gaan stikken,
Het manuscript hangt als de handdoeken,
Die haar lokken drogen,
Haar lijf verschonen,
Gebruikt en ruikend naar haar handen,
Over de vensterbank,
Stukken papier op de verwarming,
Te donker om woorden bij elkaar te rapen,
Laat het de luxeflex kraken,
Komt er beweging in,
Het poppenhuis van de speler.

Gevat door de zelfreflectie,
Die haar tot perplexie dwingt,
Wringt de gedachte in haar bloed,
Die bol in de lucht met die gele gloed,
Staart aan haar zoals haar eigen ogen,
Haar bedrogen beloven,
Vandaag is het tijd,
Je krijgt geen spijt,
Vandaag ben je klaar,
Ga maar naar buiten,
Ik zal op je wachten,
Is het niet prachtig? 
Wanneer de zonnewering opslachtig is?

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He is risen.

Coffee drains,
Chocolate stains,
Eyes just dried,
Finger fried,
World collapsed,
Trying to find,
It's feet,
Cheese trapped,
In the blind,
Of the concreet,
Shoes on,
Day begon,
Without warning,
The brace breaks,
The end frays,
It's alarming,
Skyscraper shakes,
World forsakes,
Sun rises,
Dawn greets,
Walk on streets,
Feet found ground,
Laces strung,
Step by step,
Up the road,
Cafeïne stung,
Another expresso,
Gastric acids,
Let jesus float,
He is risen.

Jesus, I found him, when I thought I was drowning,
He found me. 

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Non of my business

It doesn't matter,
Please do not feel sorry,
I understand,
I would like her better as well,
Look at her,
She's is so beautiful,
How could I compare,
She laughs at every joke,
Is the life of the party,
The one your mom loves,
When I am merely,
The girl you liked,
For you where curious,
As to what it was that made me blue,
Little did you knew,
You'd fall in love,
With the girl that stays in bed all day,
That keeps quiet at parties,
Who does not know what to talk about,
With your mom or your grandma,
The girl that never tell you that she loves you,
Yet stands up to get breakfast with you,
Even when you have the 4.00 AM shift,
The girl that told you it's okay to dream big,
For dreaming was all she did,
So trust me, 
I understand,
She is real and funny,
She loves you I can see that,
You shouldn't feel bad for me,
Or ask me for permission,
Cause it's non of my business,
Though I wish it was....

She wandered of into space,
Making it easy for anyone,
To take her place.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Is it killing you, killing me?

Killing me,
For mercy,
With bare hands,
He plans,
On choking,
The trought,
That said,
"I love you",
More then it got,
In return,
Killing me,
For mercy,
There I drown,
In a puddle,
Of my own blood,
There I go,
Off I go,
He holds me close,
Whispers in my ear,
"I didn't mean to",
Yet I am aware,
That even in my last,
Moment here,
As he tells me,
"I really loved you though",
He is lying,
Killing me,
For mercy.

My bones,
Seem like dirt.
Yet I will be,
At bloom,
Even far beyond,

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She is not me

She's not me,
She's not me,
Stop trying to make,
Me the person,
Guilty for the exchange,
Of these chains,
Holding us captive,
In the prison,
Of love lost to fast,
In the quest,
For the soul mate,
When we both now,
You can not create,
A clean slate,
She's not me,
She's not me,
She won't ever be,
What you painted me,
To become,
Yet I am not,
Myself either,
She's not me,
And she won't ever be,

Two of a kind,
Yet non of them,
Is me now it is?

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nature's follower

"The classroom balloon, 

Stares out the window, 

Drifts off into space, 

Somewhere nothing lasts, 

Yet ends do not exist either. 
Follower of nature's breeze, 

Has to be at ease, yet doubts, 

Wheter it is fine, 

Not be fine today, 

At all. 

The little wonderstruck glance,

In the eyes of the beholder, 

Beholding a thousand sunrises, 

Finally included this flower. 

"My darling" it whispers, 

"I do not bloom all year, 

At least for the sight, 

Yet when there are no flowers left, 

The peddels spread ground, 

Collaborated with the rest of nature, 

Don't forget, 

That sustains certain forms of blooming as well." 

Bell rings, 

Time inside own orbit, 

Fine it hits, 

The swing in the step, 

Life of the party, 

Walks a mile with shorty, 

Laughter in lack of concentration, 

Reïncarnation for the thoughts, 

She thought she had burried, 

Beneath distress, 

Playing guess who laughs the hardest, 

With the mirrors image."

Nature follows the follower of nature's own.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Famous Games?

Microphone beeps,
Silence creeps,
Cold lungs,
Fired guns,
That had no aim,
Nothing more,
To gain,
Neither less,
To lose,
In the battle,
To chose,
What voice,
Does or does not,
Deserve to,
Be heard,
Comes to confess,
That the voice wihtin,
Is not an end,
Nor a begin,
Fire to tame,
Burden to blame,
Play no game,
With these girls,
Inside the head,
Of the spoken one,
Getting provoken,
As the token,
Get's taken,
By antoher forsaken.

I'm famous, but no one knows it. Duh. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Talk to the pillow

Pillow talk,
In pleasure,
The treasure,
Of teasing,
The touch,
Soft at the start,
But frayed,
At the end,
As it breaks,
Breath away,
In between,
The silent,
Pillow talk.

Pillow talk

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The P in Art

Art or therapy?
One had not asked,
A question,
Of this kind,
People are to kind,
As to ask,
Of this order,
In person,
Thy do not,
Express nor share,
Their flair,
Of being flown,
Into the drawn,
To look at things,
From a somewhat,
Other perspective,
Then the selective,
Who will salute,
The recruit,
Known for his force,
When his horse,
Has lost,
The last,
Of the battery,
When the power,
Had been shattered,
As a bloody nose,
That will smell,
Only suspicion.

Is this (p)art enough to you,
To tell, what all too well,
Does not stick, when it's in ink?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lost Generator

Thy call on us,
For being,
The lost generation,
But ain't our behavoir,
The creation,
Of us seeing,
Our parents acting,
As though,
Thy are,
Thy are only out,
To get her,
The idea,
Of them being,
The neighboor,
With the greener grass,
The best of the class,
The one with,
A half filled glass,
Thy tell me I am lost,
For I live online,
When thy don't know,
That in these,
Streams of information,
I find the translation,
Of words and feelings,
I can not descripe,
To myself by myself,
I need the stream, to surf,
On the waves of emotion,
That come in slow motion,
As I live this,
Thousand miles an hour life,
Yet strive,
To survive,
In the drowning,
Beneath a million likes,
That fail to make me,
Like myself,
For once,
Thy call on me,
For being the lost generation,
When I am merely a creation,
Of their own offspring,
Their translation,
Of bringing up,
The cost,
Raising me, lost,
I am lost,
Yet I find myself,
Being here,
Maybe mom,
You should look for me,
Where you last left me?

Lost generation

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This is not a sentence

Thing to write,
Illuminate light,
Appear to paper,
Build structure,
To thoughts,
Higher then skyscraper,
Wiser then lecture,
Thing to write,
Create sleepless night,
Scrabble down,
What causes frowns,
Feel the heat,
As the stakes rise,
Thing to write,
Unable to force,
What had not,
Been written,
Thing to write,
Won't come,
To entertain,
It get's fright,
Of the dark night,
Thing to write,
The written,
Thing to write,
Is not in word,
This is not a sentence,
This is not written,
It's merely agreed upon.

Stories yet to be written,
Will not write itself,
Nor can I.

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