Sunday, March 27, 2016

Non of my business

It doesn't matter,
Please do not feel sorry,
I understand,
I would like her better as well,
Look at her,
She's is so beautiful,
How could I compare,
She laughs at every joke,
Is the life of the party,
The one your mom loves,
When I am merely,
The girl you liked,
For you where curious,
As to what it was that made me blue,
Little did you knew,
You'd fall in love,
With the girl that stays in bed all day,
That keeps quiet at parties,
Who does not know what to talk about,
With your mom or your grandma,
The girl that never tell you that she loves you,
Yet stands up to get breakfast with you,
Even when you have the 4.00 AM shift,
The girl that told you it's okay to dream big,
For dreaming was all she did,
So trust me, 
I understand,
She is real and funny,
She loves you I can see that,
You shouldn't feel bad for me,
Or ask me for permission,
Cause it's non of my business,
Though I wish it was....

She wandered of into space,
Making it easy for anyone,
To take her place.

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