Nature's follower

"The classroom balloon, 

Stares out the window, 

Drifts off into space, 

Somewhere nothing lasts, 

Yet ends do not exist either. 
Follower of nature's breeze, 

Has to be at ease, yet doubts, 

Wheter it is fine, 

Not be fine today, 

At all. 

The little wonderstruck glance,

In the eyes of the beholder, 

Beholding a thousand sunrises, 

Finally included this flower. 

"My darling" it whispers, 

"I do not bloom all year, 

At least for the sight, 

Yet when there are no flowers left, 

The peddels spread ground, 

Collaborated with the rest of nature, 

Don't forget, 

That sustains certain forms of blooming as well." 

Bell rings, 

Time inside own orbit, 

Fine it hits, 

The swing in the step, 

Life of the party, 

Walks a mile with shorty, 

Laughter in lack of concentration, 

Reïncarnation for the thoughts, 

She thought she had burried, 

Beneath distress, 

Playing guess who laughs the hardest, 

With the mirrors image."

Nature follows the follower of nature's own.


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