Lost Generator

Thy call on us,
For being,
The lost generation,
But ain't our behavoir,
The creation,
Of us seeing,
Our parents acting,
As though,
Thy are,
Thy are only out,
To get her,
The idea,
Of them being,
The neighboor,
With the greener grass,
The best of the class,
The one with,
A half filled glass,
Thy tell me I am lost,
For I live online,
When thy don't know,
That in these,
Streams of information,
I find the translation,
Of words and feelings,
I can not descripe,
To myself by myself,
I need the stream, to surf,
On the waves of emotion,
That come in slow motion,
As I live this,
Thousand miles an hour life,
Yet strive,
To survive,
In the drowning,
Beneath a million likes,
That fail to make me,
Like myself,
For once,
Thy call on me,
For being the lost generation,
When I am merely a creation,
Of their own offspring,
Their translation,
Of bringing up,
The cost,
Raising me, lost,
I am lost,
Yet I find myself,
Being here,
Maybe mom,
You should look for me,
Where you last left me?

Lost generation

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