Saturday, January 30, 2016

If broken wings could fly

Put the picture in a golden frame,
Gift me your blame,
Yet it wont ever become,
Once again the same,
See the worth of the picture,
Is not in the exteriour wrap,
Thats merely shopping spree crap,
Is worth the memorie that captured within,
An though it looks so picture perfect,
Aint it a fact,
That we aint ever where,
Mesen with these kind of smiles,
For the last sixty miles?
You can shred or burn,
Even return the frame,
But what will remain,
Is the gold you tried to cover up with,
The stain,
Of my death,
Not by a thousand cuts,
By a thousand rejections,
All from your reflections,
One to many,
One to more,
Your daughters bleeding heart,
On the kitchen floor,
Death by a thousand rejections,
For she'd never learned to look,
Across her imperfections.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Oh goodie to good me

Without a warning,
There springs,
All this happiness,
Within me,
I am yawning,
For the day to come,
Rather then the pass,
Of it all,
The storming sound,
Has found its ease,
Catch and release,
To me.

It ain't the sparkle, that sparks the love,
It's tje heart, where it springs from. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lost her daughter

The problem seems to be that,
You have patched me up relentlessly,
With lies and cheats,
Stitched it with deciecve,
Only to now,
Watch me bleed,
As you're scarring me,
By trying to heal,
The broken wings,
I can not conceal,
I found that there is no flaw,
In being flawed,
The only thing imperfect,
Is imperfection,
So tell me mother,
How come do you need me,
To be smothered,
In order to have room,
For us all to breathe?
Ain't it a little too late,
To be on time,
This minute when all of the wasted hours,
Are slipping through my hands,
Tell me now mother,
Ain't it just a little too much,
To torture me in order to make,
Me strong enough not to break,
Ain't it all just the way,
It should be turned around,
For right now all I see,
Is this bunch,
Waiting for the punch.

Little do her parents know,
They'd lost their daughter years ago.

Love or life?

His fingertips across my skin,
Tremble my body with every resonating move,
As if he is playing the piano,
He touches every spot,
With the same amount of passion,
He has for enduring in his music,
If only I was his muse,
Yet I can not hardly be,
The one that inspires thy,
For I am merely a girl,
Not even the littlest of a woman,
Or a flower in bloom,
I am only flourishing at falling,
For you so unstoppable,
I do not know,
How to hold on to letting go,
Gravity leaves me be,
As I find myself,
Yet again,
In your arms tonight,
Writing poetry across my skin,
Oh this art I live in,
How could it be called?
Love or life? 

Take my hand and write it full with,
The poetry your fingertips leave,
So gently on my skin. 

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Back into black

It will be over,
The sound,
Of your range rover,
That I found,
On my drive way,
The snore in it's still,
When we'd run away,
To our Nashville,
A bar some streets up head,
Remember when you said,
We are the thing,
Not just a fling,
Has it been gone?
For I've been waiting,
By the phone,
Light ain't fading,
I'm all alone,
In my bedroom stating,
Your not cold to the bone,
Hear myself telling,
All my friends,
It was not you yelling,
At me, you deserve a second chance,
Not too long now,
You're black mobile,
Will withdrawal,
As my heart fragile,
Shall crawl,
Back into black.

Is it breaking your heart in silence?
For I do not hear the cracks.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

In your corner

Beauty queen,
Only 21,
But seen,
So much more,
Even now,
That I see her,
Her broken,
Her fake smile,
With any other guy,
For a while,
Without them try,
It makes me shy,
Just a little insecure,
For my door is open,
She finds herself,
And I will,
Be there,
And I will,
Be there,
For her,
I know why you hide,
With stolen pride,
I know why you run,
Before it's begun,
And whenever it rains,
I'll ease your pain,
And I will,
Be waiting,
And I will,
Be waiting,
For love,
My love.

Friday, January 22, 2016


In fact,
The biggest problem of all,
Was not that she had no man,
It was not that she was single,
She liked to be in alone,
For then all she had to do,
Was find out what is was she wanted,
Without explaining herself,
To anyone or anything,
Yet oddly enough,
The more she loved the be on her own,
The more fond all the man grown,
Weird is was,
How for years when she behaved,
As was demanded,
No one really wanted her,
Not even in a shopping spree,
Yet now she got bought,
As if she where the only thought,
Able to be fantasized about,
As if for years she had been selling herself short,
See the only thing wrong with that,
Is that you can not admit,
You lived to decades in secrets,
Sheltering behind masks and forced smiles,
All she could do was admit,
That now that she started to like herself,
So did the rest of the world,
Imagine what it would be like if she's one day,
Learned to love herself,
She'd be loved to the end of the earth,
See the thing was,
In fact,
Not having a man,
Was not the biggest problem at all,
It's just that no one understands why,
Anyone would prefer to be alone.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't flatter yourself.

Don't flatter yourself,
I've build my wall,
For someone else.

Don't flatter yourself,
I've been broken,
By someone else.

Don't flatter yourself,
I've been in love,
With him thousand years.

Don't flatter yourself,
I've been wanting to die,
In this moment,
Forever more.

Don't flatter yourself,
I've been dreaming,
Of leaving.

Don't flatter yourself,
This goodbye,
Is for someone else.

Don't hurt yourself,
Don't hurt the heart,
That made me envious,
Of living rather then breathing.

Don't hurt yourself,
You came too close,
Don't hurt yourself.

Don't flatter yourself,
I didn't lost you,
I lost myself,
And you don't want to,
Hurt yourself.

She was always at two places at the same time,
More then any of us,
Yet never quite enough,
She was living in either the past of the future,
Never in the present.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I broke up I broke down.

Hurt by love,
You asked me,
Yet if only,
Love could hurt me,
How happy,
Would I then be,
How beautifully,
The pain,
The tears,
Would swim across,
My lips,
Disguised as a smile,
If only for a little while,
When the glass is filled,
The shot is taken,
When faith,
Is forsaken,
I ask the skies,
Oh please, oh please,
Let me be hurt by love,
Let me be,
That girl,
Who'd only had to endure,
A break up,
Rather then a break down.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Not on sale.

It was in the littlest things,
That she learned,
She was worth,
More then selling on sale,
See she had thought,
For years,
Even decades,
That she needed,
To give people a discount,
Or something for free,
In order to make her,
Worth something,
To anyone,
Yet she had not ever,
Thought of it before,
As if she where a person,
A someone as well,
She just thought of herself,
As an object,
And that in truth,
Was the only reason,
Why she got used,
Even abused,
Because of the perspective,
She had on herself,
Once she'd looked in the mirror,
Saw that smile,
She'd been hiding away,
Behind secrets and regrets,
She'd knew,
She was worth too much,
To be laying in display,
For sale,
She was not a something to be used,
She was a piece of art,
Not just any but,
The masterpiece,
Of her own live.

For the first time,
In years,
She looked at herself,
As she was a peacock,
Laughing at the image,
In the mirror,
It was time,
To live. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Talk, talk, talk,
For all you care about,
From the rooftops down,
Your empty words,
Will fly around,
Like the empty promisses,
Where just flown air,
Without a single touch,
Go ahead,
Tell them,
Talk, talk, talk,
About the what we where,
See my darling,
They'll hear the same as I,
A man to jalous,
His regret is catching up,
With his time,
Faster then he can handle,
Now go,
Tell on,
How you roam,
How you run from me,
While your walking strait to me.

Monday, January 11, 2016


See that's the thing,
I knew where I was,
I knew where I had been,
And oh,
How I knew,
Where I was going,
There was just one thing,
That got in the way,

See that's the thing,
I knew what I have,
I knew what I had,
And oh,
How I knew,
What I wanted,
That was just the thing,
That it was not,

See that's the thing,
You knew who I was,
You knew who I had been,
And oh,
How you knew,
Who I was going to be,
In the future to see me,

Yet you loved me,

Even if it would never,
Make me,
Love you,

See this hand ain't made,
For a ring to be worn,
Like a torn,
Following a flowers every move,
My hand was made,
To protect the flower,
From harm...
Even if it meant,
Suffocating myself,
My heart. 

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You tell me,
That I am beautiful,
Not knowing,
That to me,
It ain't a compliment,
It's just a flaw,
You point out,
All too well,
You tell me,
Counts cause it,
Gets me anywhere,
Without lifting a finger,
But oh my dear,
Have you not noticed,
The callus on my hands,
Have you not seen,
The hours on the screen,
You tell me,
I've got the whole world,
In my hands,
Oh my, oh my, oh my,
Too blinded,
By my light,
You fail to see,
It's not the world in my hands,
It's the world that I am,
That will change,
Anything it touches,
If you won't believe,
I am capable,
You better watch out,
Mark my words,
For someday you'd wish,
You where inside the core,
Of my heart,
To be a part,
Of a bigger world,
A bigger mind,
Darling, one like-minded,
As me... Is hard to find.

What you give to me,
Is what you get,
My heart is like a mirror.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

No more kisses from the miss

Me and you,
In the same room,
No one else there,
Just one hour,
You can leave,
You want to,
I wonder, 
Would you stay?
Oh darling,
Who am I kidding,
Ofcourse you'll stay,
Of there aint,
No one around,
Your hands are,
All over me,
Now the only thing,
You had not,
Accounted for,
Is that I also,
Have the option to leave,
And believe me,
When I say,
The view you have,
As I walk away,
Is it last,
You'll ever see of me.

No more kisses from the miss

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Merely bye.

Goodnight Drake,
Sleep well,
Hold tight,
To the memories,
For soon,
You'll see,
You won't,
See me no more,
Goodbye Drake.

Goodnight Drake,
Rest well,
Sleep in,
For the day to begin,
Will be long,
And dark,
As the night,
With your tears,
But without fear,
For darling,
You've already,
Lost me,
Goodbye Drake.

Night Drake,
When you wake,
The world will be shaken,
The bed will be empty,
And all I leave you with,
Is merely bye.

Please just let me leave you.

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Dream world

Inside my dreams,
I find a scène,
Painting before me,
The picture of a,
Brand new world,
A place where children,
Still play,
Where thy dont know,
If mommy and daddy,
Are in a fight,
A brand new world,
Where all are equal,
Not just legal,
A world without hate,
A world to create,
Stone by stone,
Action by action,
With my own hands,
So I ask you now,
As the girl I dream to be,
Please for me,
Give someone a smile today,
Give someone a new way,
To celebrate te next few hours,
For its all in us,
These powers.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Looking back in time,
It's so clear that I've been blind,
For what surrounds me,
All too suddenly,
It seems like my world,
Is brand new,
When nothing has fallen,
Walls still stand strong,
Oh this is new to me,
The trembling hand,
Are calm and dry,
The color of my cheeks,
Matches my laugh,
The sparkles is my eyes,
Are from laughing,
When all too long,
Thy where the offspring of tears,
And I ask myself,
Where are you now,
That I am proud,
To show,
Who I am,
Thy could not hold your breath,
See my secret is to exhale,
A little with every brick,
You threw at me,
Now here I stand,
On my castle,
Build with bare hands,
When you remain,
With not even the bricks of the wall,
You used to fall back on,
To support you,
If only you'd know,
I am not a quitter,
I am a creator,
So every stone to my head,
Let to the poetry I bled,
Every talk to the ground,
Made that I found,
I am a seed,
Waiting to bloom,
I am blossoming in Januari,
Have you ever seen,
Blossom in Januari?
I don't, yet I feel, that I am.

I am I am I am.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


I praise you.
You won't,
Even know.
How much,
I praise,
For I,
In my,
Even more,
Praise the lord,
Cause I've lost,
The burden,
You have,
To bear.

Praise the Lord,
I've lost,

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Flow to grow

Thy said to me,
That it was,
For I was intimidated,
By thy.

Little did I knew,
Like wise minds,
Could be not alike.

Now here I find,
Myself in the questioning,
Of my reality,
If there even is,

My mind drifts off,
While my feet are,
On solid ground,
Thank you,
For I've found,
My flow again.

I've found the flow,
To grow,
Once again.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hot mess

I kept on reading,
Repeating in my mind,
For my eyes,
To only find,
That I can not hide,
The screen of my computer,
I can not turn,
My head,
From what is happening,
In the world,
Surrounding me,
So before,
I start to drown,
I'll put on,
My favorite dress,
Only so that,
I can be,
The hottest mess. 

One big hot mess.

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The past won't touch me, anymore.

You could,
Have destroyed me,
I would,
Have been shattered,
By the news,
Of it all,
Hitting as if,
Bullets are,
The empty air,
You trow at me.

You can not,
Hurt me,
You will not,
Touch me,
In any kind of way,
For I am worth,
Too much,
To give myself away,
On sale.

You will feel,
The regret,
You will know,
You've made,
The kind of mistake,
That will change,
Your whole life,
But it won't ever,
Touch mine.

Now that is,
Me being,
Over us.
See I was,
Over you,
For a long time,
Yet this something,
Bugged me,
I was not quite,
Over myself yet,
Until I saw,
The girl in the mirror,
Is smiling so much more,
Now that I choose,
To be apart,
From my part,
In our past.

It took me to reinvent myself,
To date myself,
And to love myself,
In order to get,
Over myself.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More then Friends

It is,
My friend,
I heard myself,
Stating to him,
As my mind,
Passed by,
My body,
I could not,
Get a grip,
Hold on,
Or crawl back,
Into my brain,
Here I float,
Always thought,
That love is,
For the stupid,
Or the weak,
Look what I find,
Drifted from shore,
When love means,
Being with you,
I'd do anything,
For sure,
Crazy things,
It makes me do,
When it could give me,
Indeed it is,
My friend,
I heard myself say,
Whilst wishing,
We're where,
More then friends.

We could be more then friends...
Your hands tangled up in mine,
As the nights we spend,
Watching netflix in my bed.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016


It happend.
It happend.
It happend.
Oh, indeed.
How it did happen.
No stopping,
Me now.
The only way.
To face,
The new year,
Is by telling myself.
It happend.
It happend.
And I understand,
That it is,
Part of me now.
Of my journey.
Of my past.
It is a part,
Of the things,
That got me,
Where I'm going.
And that far,
From where I'm coming from.
It happend.
It happend.
And I accept,
That I choose,
To make it my armor,
Not my rope.
It happend.
And now,
I'm happening.

I thrown myself down a million times,
For you taught me,
That is how I deserve to be treated,
Yet I also taught myself to stand up,
Time and again,
Now that is courage,
A silent roar. 

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Happy new fear

Happy new year,
I hear it all around,
Like it leaves us,
With more then just,
Merely a wish,
For I won't ever,
Want one to only,
Have a happy year,
I want it to be breathtaking,
Filled with laughter,
With trembling moments,
With rush of adrenaline,
As a kaleidoscope,
Of emotions that made you,
On the rollercoaster,
That is life.

So, don't stay in line this year,
I wish you a happy new fear,
To overcome.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Fuck opinions-ers.

We don't care,
What them,
Let's give 'm all,
To talk about,
We won't ever be,
Just a little less,
Are this much more,
In for the life,
Of the party,
There ain't no time,
To worry,
About being sorry,
No one's gonna stand,
In our way,
Let's give 'em all,
Something to talk about,
We'll be the one's saying,
How good,
The aftertaste,
Never fades,
We'll dance,
Like their ain't nobody here,
We won't take no,
Put on a show if we want to,
Keep our step swinging,
And our hearts singing,
We're the life of the party.

And if either life or music is good,
You dance. 

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