Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More then Friends

It is,
My friend,
I heard myself,
Stating to him,
As my mind,
Passed by,
My body,
I could not,
Get a grip,
Hold on,
Or crawl back,
Into my brain,
Here I float,
Always thought,
That love is,
For the stupid,
Or the weak,
Look what I find,
Drifted from shore,
When love means,
Being with you,
I'd do anything,
For sure,
Crazy things,
It makes me do,
When it could give me,
Indeed it is,
My friend,
I heard myself say,
Whilst wishing,
We're where,
More then friends.

We could be more then friends...
Your hands tangled up in mine,
As the nights we spend,
Watching netflix in my bed.

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