Friday, January 1, 2016

Fuck opinions-ers.

We don't care,
What them,
Let's give 'm all,
To talk about,
We won't ever be,
Just a little less,
Are this much more,
In for the life,
Of the party,
There ain't no time,
To worry,
About being sorry,
No one's gonna stand,
In our way,
Let's give 'em all,
Something to talk about,
We'll be the one's saying,
How good,
The aftertaste,
Never fades,
We'll dance,
Like their ain't nobody here,
We won't take no,
Put on a show if we want to,
Keep our step swinging,
And our hearts singing,
We're the life of the party.

And if either life or music is good,
You dance. 

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