Friday, January 8, 2016


Looking back in time,
It's so clear that I've been blind,
For what surrounds me,
All too suddenly,
It seems like my world,
Is brand new,
When nothing has fallen,
Walls still stand strong,
Oh this is new to me,
The trembling hand,
Are calm and dry,
The color of my cheeks,
Matches my laugh,
The sparkles is my eyes,
Are from laughing,
When all too long,
Thy where the offspring of tears,
And I ask myself,
Where are you now,
That I am proud,
To show,
Who I am,
Thy could not hold your breath,
See my secret is to exhale,
A little with every brick,
You threw at me,
Now here I stand,
On my castle,
Build with bare hands,
When you remain,
With not even the bricks of the wall,
You used to fall back on,
To support you,
If only you'd know,
I am not a quitter,
I am a creator,
So every stone to my head,
Let to the poetry I bled,
Every talk to the ground,
Made that I found,
I am a seed,
Waiting to bloom,
I am blossoming in Januari,
Have you ever seen,
Blossom in Januari?
I don't, yet I feel, that I am.

I am I am I am.

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