Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The past won't touch me, anymore.

You could,
Have destroyed me,
I would,
Have been shattered,
By the news,
Of it all,
Hitting as if,
Bullets are,
The empty air,
You trow at me.

You can not,
Hurt me,
You will not,
Touch me,
In any kind of way,
For I am worth,
Too much,
To give myself away,
On sale.

You will feel,
The regret,
You will know,
You've made,
The kind of mistake,
That will change,
Your whole life,
But it won't ever,
Touch mine.

Now that is,
Me being,
Over us.
See I was,
Over you,
For a long time,
Yet this something,
Bugged me,
I was not quite,
Over myself yet,
Until I saw,
The girl in the mirror,
Is smiling so much more,
Now that I choose,
To be apart,
From my part,
In our past.

It took me to reinvent myself,
To date myself,
And to love myself,
In order to get,
Over myself.

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